Palm essentials

I'm still finding my way after upgrading from an old one meg palm pro to a Visor, so this list may not be the very best software out there: it's what I've been using for a while, is free or is worth paying for.

Text, docs, and off-line web reading: iSilo (you have to pay for the good version). I prefer this over AvantGo because compared to AvantGo iSilo documents are smaller, the files render on my palm faster and I have desktop software for Win, Mac and Linux to convert and install documents into iSilo (rather than having to go on-line and set up pages with AvantGo).

iSilo will also read the documents created by the AportisDoc PDF Converter, so you can read PDF documents on your palm.

For tracking expenses I use QMate, which allows me to import into Quicken 2000. Pocket Quicken looks better, but only seems to be available for US versions of Quicken.

For tracking time (hours worked) I use PunchClock, which is free.

For storing passwords: Secret! does it for me. Uses the IDEA algorithm.

In case my Palm goes missing, I use Found me? (search someplace like PalmGear for "found me"). This software "...displays a cheery icon and message 'Found Me?' on the Pilot's application screen. The hope is that anyone who finds a lost Pilot will tap on the icon, they'll then be shown a message that you've typed in earlier - which should display your name and phone number at least".

Scribbled messages: DiddleBug. Feature rich, free, works.

When I'm overseas and need to track time back home I've used Big Time. Simple and free. Now I use the built-in Visor world clock.

Lost? Try compass. Point your palm at the sun and the display will tell you which way is north. Nice.

If I need to track train times I use "Next Train" (search PalmGear for "next train"). You enter a time table as a memo and Next Train will give you a countdown to the next train departure.

For timing things, I use a stopwatch called Khronos. Freeware.

For sending and receiving email via my mobile I use Topgun postman. Email is send and delivered to the built-in mail application.

When I need to, I used to use ProxiWeb for surfing via IR with my mobile phone. Alas, they seem to have gone now. To get IP over IR working on the Visor (OS versions before 3.5) you also need to install a few (but not all) parts of the Palm IR patch. I think it's just SerialIRPnl.prc and SerIrCommLib.prc. Or use a package like IrLink.


I've gone off hacks at the moment, but here are the ones I've used in the past. All these require Hackmaster to be installed.

Palm games