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This Applet/Applications Request is closed.

Vertical Textbox Applet (R1098) Requested on: Mar 19, 11756981
Review phase: Mar 19, 11756981 to Aug 24, 23515961
Bidding phase: Aug 24, 23515961 to Aug 31, 23515961
Bidding ends: Aug 31, 23515961 at Noon EST

An entertainment web site wishes to have a type-in text search box running vertically up the screen (i.e., a regular textbox with submit button, but rotated 90 degrees anticolockwise -- see additional GIF image showing an example). A user will be able to type text into the text box, and when the user clicks the button or hits RETURN, the text will be submitted to a CGI for processing. The applet itself would not have to perform any searching or maintain text indices. The user should be able to delete text in the text box, but the following are NOT core requirements: cut and paste, scrolling beyond the end/top of the text area. An insertion point (cursor) is desirable, but not essential. The applet should be configurable in terms of length, width, colours via the usual settings. A sample configuration is supplied together with a diagram showing the interpretation of the settings. We would like to be able to change the face and size of the font. Ideally, this should be a font of our choosing (we can supply AFM files). If this is not possible, the standard Java fonts will be fine. The applet should run on the widest possible selection of browsers and operating systems, including Netscape 3, IE 3 and up and MacOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT. This means it will be a JDK 1 application, with no use of JDK 1.2 features.

Category Applet/Applications
Requested By The Requester's information is not available.
Projected Completion Apr 18, 11756981
Project Must Include Documentation
Source Code
Remote Interface See information on applet parameters
Associated Files applet.txt

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On Mar 19, 11756981, Developer 15900 asked:
The AFM files will not be immediately possible. However I have a small program that will take a snapshot of each textual character in a TrueType font, provided you specify a size and bold/italics, and it generates a files, very small in size, around 5K... This method can be used to provide more fonts than available as standard Java. Is the extra 5K acceptable?

A An extra 5k per font would be fine.   If applet size becomes an issue we can also limit ourselves to a single case (say, upper case) and a single font (size, style, face).   I'd have to talk to the web site designers to find a font they were comfortable with.

On Mar 22, 11756981, Developer 15264 asked:
Dos the applet need to worry about the CGI ?

A The only "worry" is to know how to post to the CGI.

The two missing PARAMs for the applet are:

cgiURL and cgiParamName

For example:

param name="cgiURL" value="/cgi-bin/search.cgi"
param name="cgiParamName" value="words"

would create a GET such as:


(1) cgiURL without an explicy "http://" part should use the same hostname as the host that supplied the applet.   But the full host could be supplied in the cgiURL parameter

(2) The Applet has to encode the parameter appropriately (spaces to +, etc)

On Mar 22, 11756981, Developer 15201 asked:
There is a parameter missing for the actual URL to go to, once the button is pressed. We have something we would like you to look at. Please send an email to for the URL Thanks

A Good spot.   See the answer above.